With over 35 years of heritage in the textile industry and tailoring, Mersino-Originale offers a story with every handcrafted item it produces. All our products are hand-made with care in Europe (Italy, Scotland, Portugal and Poland). We believe a combination between effortlessness and class is the perfect foundation for being dressed for every day and for every occasion.Our collections are designed with delicate creativity by keeping the “transforming engineering into functionality” concept in mind.

During the design phase, we choose to use natural ingredients that are not harmful to human health while paying attention to global fashion trends when making color choices.  The products you love are not just products made somewhere in the world by a third party, your products are made with care and craftsmanship. 



Our promise is to source the finest materials from the most prestigious Italian Fabrics. We use cotton from Albini, Tessitura Monti, linen from one of the oldest Italian mills, Solbiati. These producers rely on a long history of traditions and expertise to produce sustainable fabrics, offering the highest durability, comfort and quality, able to stand the test of time for each of our designs.


Together with Mersino-Originale family we develop products that are beautifully designed and made to highest level with skilled artisans. We work with small family-run companies. They continuously improve their skills relying on learnings passed down through generations.Our aim is to offer exceptional value without compromising on style or detail.