Garments knitted in a Wool-Silk blend offer the luxurious and breathable feel of wool while preserving the unique insulating qualities of silk.

Wool-Silk Blend

By combining the properties of these two exceptional fabrics, Mersino Originale brings to life soft and breathable knitwear that preserves its flatness for many years.

The lightweight yet insulating wool and the soft feel and elegant appearance of silk are carefully blended by expert artisans, resulting in clothes perfect for four seasons.

The Development

The Wool-Silk blend from the Zegna Baruffa celebrates the Italian artisanal tradition with the finest fabrics in the world

The ultralight and soft knitwear is the embodiment of over 40 years of research, selecting the best fibres, carefully combining tradition and modern techniques.

Made in Europe

The result is an exceptionally velvety and durable silk-wool Mersino Originale product that you can wear at all times. Made in Europe.